Fayston Elementary students work with solar cells in Renewables by Design.

Fayston Elementary students work with solar cells in Renewables by Design.

VEEP educator Erin Malloy leads an Electricity & the Environment workshop for a Rosie's Girls group in Essex.

VEEP educator Erin Malloy leads an Electricity & the Environment workshop for a Rosie’s Girls group in Essex.

Frequently Asked Questions


It costs VEEP about $250 for each workshop we deliver. VEEP strives to maintain funding to bring one workshop for free to any class in Vermont. (One class is defined as one group of students. If a teacher has more than one class of students, we can bring a free workshop to each of that teacher’s classes). Some specific workshops are also free because of current grant funding, even if a class has already received a free VEEP workshop this year. Fees for additional classes, workshops not in schools, or workshops outside the state of Vermont can be found here.

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Yes, we do! VEEP has programming appropriate for all grades from K–12. You can see which programs are available for different grades on our Programs By Grade Level page. VEEP energy educators are skilled at customizing all our material to make it suitable for a wide range of ages. We’re happy to make suggestions for appropriate programs based on your needs. Just contact us.
It’s easy to schedule a workshop in your classroom. Just go to the contact us page and fill out the form. Our staff will be in contact with you by e-mail to learn more about your needs and schedule a workshop. We handle all requests on a first-come, first-served basis.
We have a range of programs that require different amounts of time to complete. In-class workshops are typically 90 minutes, though they range from 60 minutes to three hours depending on the audience. Our Solar Challenge or Climate Change: Understanding and Engagement curriculums take several weeks. A Green School Energy Challenge project can last from several months to an entire school year.
Congratulations! There are many ways to keep exploring energy literacy with your students. VEEP offers a range of professional learning opportunities to teachers, including summer institutes and workshops throughout the year, as well as custom trainings for your school. We also offer kits of materials and equipment to support VEEP curricula and other hands-on learning in the classroom.

VEEP has designed a number of different curriculum support kits that we loan out. While these were built to support specific VEEP curricula, some of the kits are more generically useful for hands-on science in the classroom (such as our PVs in Action kit with lots of PV panels, motors, lights, etc, or our Wind Works kits with innovative DC generators). You can read more about all our kits and place a request for a reservation on our Kits page. If you have never used a VEEP kit or gone through a VEEP training, plan to meet with a VEEP educator for one to two hours the first time you borrow a kit to learn about how the equipment works and what VEEP’s expectations are for its use. VEEP does charge a maintenance/restocking fee for the use of our kits, though we can waive this fee if it is a hardship for your school.

VEEP provides a number of different teacher training opportunities, such as our summer institute, our regional teacher learning teams, and workshops we provide at teacher conferences. We are also happy to plan and deliver workshops on specific curricula or topics for groups of teachers or supervisory unions. Please contact us for more on how this works and the costs involved.

VEEP is sometimes able to bring children’s programming or a table with interactive activities to an event. Contact us for more information. 

Yes! VEEP considers homeschool groups to be the same as school classes in terms of services offered; we can bring a free workshop to any homeschool group and additional workshops for a fee. See our workshop offerings and fee schedule for more information.

VEEP can waive the fee for the use of curriculum kits if this is a hardship for a school. If your school is interested in bringing in additional workshops, but has no funding to do so, please let us know. Schools have gotten contributions from their PTA, or we can help you put together a joint grant application. We may have other funding sources that can cover a specific program or region as well. Please ask! 

Yes! VEEP is happy to serve other areas, particularly schools in New Hampshire with our New Hampshire Energy Education Project. In states other than VT and NH, we do not currently have grant funding and have to charge full fees. Our out-of-state fees can be seen in our fee schedule. We can work with schools on fundraising and grant writing to support this work. Teachers from other states are also welcome to participate in our professional learning programs.