VEEP’s Green School Energy Challenge (GSEC) will be changing this year from a “whole school” program to a supported professional development program for teachers of grades 4–12, based on feedback from long-time, dedicated GSEC teachers and our experiences with the program over the past five years.

Some highlights of the change include:

  • An in-person training and collaboration day near the beginning of the school year (September 20).
  • Four additional after school meetings (virtual and/or in person) throughout the year to collaborate and share ideas with other teachers, in addition to the support teachers receive from their VEEP educator.
  • More flexibility on projects: We will support a wider variety of projects designed to reduce energy use and transition to renewables. Projects can be electric, thermal or transportation, and they can be in locations other than the school itself.
  • More flexibility in kits and materials:  Teachers will have access to a wider variety of VEEP kits and materials as part of the program.
  • Professional development credits: Teachers will be able to choose whether to earn PD hours or graduate credits for your GSEC work.

We are taking applications for this program from now through August 15. Read more and download an application form at our GSEC page, or visit our Teacher Professional Development page to apply online.