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What’s In MSMS Trash Cans and Recycling Bins?

On September 26, 2015, Team Summit conducted a trash audit. We collected the school’s trash, recycling, and compost that accumulates over a day and sorted through it.

Here’s what we found:  We collected  71.4 pounds of trash but only 33.4 pounds was actual trash. We collected 46.55 pounds of recycling but the actual amount we collected was 30.55 pounds of recycling. The amount of compost we collected was 48.7 pounds and the actual amount was 65 pounds.

This shows our school needs to improve on knowing what to put in the trash, recycling, and compost. We put together a list of suggestions and distributed it to all the teachers and staff in the school for them to discuss with their students.  Here are some things we identified on that list:

  • Empty out the extra milk from the milk cartons into the compost and then throw the containers into the trash not the recycling bin.
  • Recycle plastic items that […]
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MSMS Green Team Goals for 2015-2016

We have set our goals for the year and announced these goals at the first school-wide assembly on November 4th. Here are the goals and some action steps for MSMS in 2015-2016:

  1. Reduce our overall energy use by 5- 10 %.
    1. Conduct a lighting survey of the school.
    2. Analyze the cost savings from the new lighting fixtures in the renovated rooms.
    3. Educate staff and students about turning off lights when not in the room.
    4. Conduct hibernation vacations during extended times off from school.
    5. Conduct heating analysis of different rooms around the school.
  2. Reduce our pollution from idling cars by 10-15%.
    1. Work with Idle-Free Vermont to take initial data in October.
    2. Educate the parents about idling during the winter months.
    3. Record new data in April / May to see if we’ve made a difference.
  3. To educate our school community and broader community that “small changes make a big difference”.
    1. Conduct a Fall Trash Audit to see how our school is doing with composting, recycling, and trash.
    2. Look into a Green Roof to reduce storm water runoff.
    3. Educate and encourage composting in classrooms.
    4. Reduce printed paper by 5-10%.
    5. Collect hard to recycle […]
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FREE workshops for every classroom in Vermont

VEEP will bring one free in-class workshop into any class in Vermont that requests one during the 2015/16 school year (as long as funding lasts). We offer hands-on, find experiential science and energy programs for grades K–12. Workshops typically last 45–90 minutes; VEEP educators will work with teachers to tailor the workshop to their class and curriculum focus. See the complete menu of workshops at our workshop page.

To schedule your local VEEP educator, please be in touch. And pass the word to teachers in your area! We are excited to bring our programming to any school that wants more interactive energy education for their students.

Thanks to Efficiency Vermont for statewide funding for free workshops, with additional support in Burlington from Burlington Electric Department and in southern Vermont from VLITE Foundation. Additional workshops will cost $175, or less if we are visiting more than one class at your school that day. Additional grants may be available if needed. 

Students adjust turbine blades in Solar & Wind FUNdamentals. […]

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Shaftsbury Green Team Powers Up to Power Down

IMG_0251We have a big team and we meet at lunch on Tuesdays with Lisa from VEEP, Mrs. Klein, and Mrs. Clark. We’ve learned how to run good meetings and we’ve divided into two main groups — heating and electricity conservation. Destiny has reported on which bulletin boards we can use to inform the community; Samara and Aislinn have spoken with Facilities Manager Mr. Jay about our heat system to find out what the thermostat is usually set to (68 degrees F all the time!) Ella did the first Kill-a-Watt meter set up on 11/10 to measure electricity use of Mrs. Maguire-Jones’ Chromebook cart — but it got reset every time someone plugged in the electric pencil sharpener. Problem solving time! Next Meeting: Wednesday to shut down for Thanksgiving…


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JVSGT Kickoff

Our class made a poster for our green team. Ms. Scott’s 3/4 class made a poster for our JVS Green Team.

IMG_1062 Making the Green Team Poster with 3/4, Lisa, and Ms. Scott.

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P.E.B. Drive

PEB picturePart of the Green Team on Team Summit is the Drive Committee. Our job is to collect items from around our school and send them out to be recycled instead of being thrown in a landfill. Our first drive was the P.E.B. drive. We collected pill bottles, doctor small outdated or broken electronics, viagra and batteries. This drive was from September 21 to October 9. Over these three weeks we collected a total of 129 pill bottles, 19 small electronics, and 163 batteries. These items went to the Additional  Recyclables Collection Center (ARCC) in Barre for recycling.

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Learn with VEEP at YES! and VT FEST next weekend

VEEP educators are coming to YOU at two great events next weekend with hands-on workshops and learning for teachers and youth.

VT FEST, Vermont’s educational tech conference  |  Nov. 4–6, Killington, VT

Teachers: Come get a taste of our new Modeling Climate Science workshop with Jess Angell at VT Fest on Friday afternoon, Nov. 6. This conference focuses on innovative ideas and answers to the question: How can teachers, administrators and schools use educational technology to improve, enhance or extend learning opportunities for Vermont students, as well as be more effective and efficient? There will be a creation and innovation space to explore hands-on tools, roundtable discussions, cool workshops, exhibitors, and prizes. VEEP is also exhibiting, so come visit us and chat about how we can bring hands-on energy education for today’s world to your classroom.

YES! (Youth Environmental Summit)  |  Nov. 5, Barre, VT

YESgroupshotStudents: Help VEEP pilot our new Renewables & Careers workshop at YES! The annual Youth Environmental Summit is a […]

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We’re Off To A Great Start!

Hello! We are a group of seven seventh graders attending the Endeavour Middle School. We are super excited to be participating in this year’s Green School Energy Challenge with VEEP! So far, troche we have come up with our SMART goals and had a kick off party so we could get our whole school involved.

We prepared an educational scavenger hunt, with clues such as “Go to the room that is always cold.” At the bottom of the clues, we would have solutions to these problems and ways to improve whatever is wrong with the room.  For example, on this particular clue, we put “we can get better insulation.” By doing this, our whole school learned about what we are doing, why we were doing it, and how they needed to be involved for our plan to succeed. As a celebratory treat, we had ice cream at the end of the party.

We have recently come up with three goals to help our school become energy efficient. […]

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Teens: Interested in Leadership and Environmental Issues? Apply for TRY!


Looking for a way to engage both older and younger students in environmental issues, online encourage mentoring and leadership, and teach hands-on science lessons?

TRY for the Environment is a leadership opportunity for youth in grades 7–12. TRY is a teen-led environmental education program with an embedded service learning component designed to teach environmental literacy and responsibility to younger youth. TRY for the Environment’s renewable energy program, a partnership between VEEP and UVM Extension 4-H, trains teens to teach lessons on wind and solar energy to young students in grades K–3, connecting young people to real-world environmental problems in which they can be key change agents helping to create real-world solutions.

  • 12039192_10207455020155605_7422505783928745559_nTRY teams consist of 2–4 teens and an adult advisor. Teams must apply to the program and be selected, then complete a one-day training before they are certified to teach.
  • Team members must be in grades 7–12 and should have an interest […]
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Initial Meeting with Our VEEP Educator

Met with Erin to discuss the new and improved Green School Energy Challenge for 2015 at Main Street Middle School.  We will be setting new goals around our Green Team initiatives.  Very excited to get started!

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