Smart Technology and Climate Change

VEEP has a new in class workshop/presentation designed specifically for high school students. In Smart Technology and Climate Change, viagra a VEEP educator guides students to think about how new technologies in electrical metering can reduce electrical usage and subsequently reduce CO2 emissions.

To answer this question, students measure power and calculate electrical energy usage of a variety of small appliances and create connections between electrical usage, electrical generation and related carbon dioxide emissions. Students are introduced to the newest technology in electrical metering and are given the opportunity to examine the applications and implications of this new technology.

This presentation for high school level learners runs approximately 90 minutes. It is aligned with both Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core Math standards, with the possibility for Literacy and Writing extensions provided.  We are grateful to the support of Green Mountain Power, Burlington Electric Department, Washington Electric Coop, and Vermont Electric Coop for funding the development of this workshop.  To bring it to a high school or tech center near you, contact your local VEEP educator or