VEEP Programs to Change in 2018-19

Dear teachers,

VEEP programming is changing and deepening in the coming year! Our 2018/19 programming has an increased emphasis on partnering with you to support delivering energy curriculum in your classroom. VEEP will be offering two levels of collaboration this year.

  1. Energy Teaching Partner: Expanding on the work we have done in the past in student workshops, VEEP educators will now support you and your students through collaborative co-teaching of energy content. VEEP educators will provide lesson plans, equipment and materials, and will work with teachers to embed workshop activities into your energy curriculum.
  2. Thought Partner/Coaching: Teachers who are looking to deepen their energy, STEM, or NGSS practice will find that support through our Thought Partner/ Coaching program. A VEEP educator will serve as a thought partner or coach to help you to continue developing your energy and climate teaching strategies, use NGSS best practices, creatively problem solve, and monitor progress towards improved student outcomes.

As we transition to a deeper way of working with our teacher partners, you will find […]

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Students Take Action in VEEP’s Youth Climate Leaders Academy

Solar panels on the school roof, fewer cars in the parking lot, more local food in the cafeteria, less waste headed to the landfill, and a statewide rally for the planet are just a few of the projects led by more than 60 Vermont and New Hampshire teens this year. These local high school students are part of VEEP’s first ever Youth Climate Leaders Academy, bringing together like-minded students to work on climate action.

“I am becoming increasingly inspired and passionate about what we’re doing through meeting people interested in the same thing,” said one YCLA attendee.

Student teams attended a two-day kick-off retreat in early December, featuring hands-on workshops to build skills — including  goal setting, leadership styles, media and messaging, running campaigns, and data analysis — as well as work time for teams to develop their projects. “This academy helped solidify the ideas of our […]

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Electricity, Renewables, and Climate Change trainings in VT

After a successful run of training days in New Hampshire this winter, we’ve scheduled more of our popular one-day trainings on Electricity, Renewables, and Climate Change for Vermont locations. Choose the most convenient date and location for you: March 30 in Hartford, May 7 in Burlington, or May 15 in Rutland.

Register at our One-Day Trainings page!

Who: Middle and high school teachers (training limited to 20 attendees)
Cost: $175/person for the day. Includes 6 hours of PD and a free kit rental.
Facilitators: Brian Betournay, Laura MacLachlan, Mariah Keagy, and other VEEP staff

Training dates & locations:

  • Friday, March 30, 8:30 am-3:30 pm, Hartford Town Hall, Hartford, VT
  • Monday, May 7, 8:30 am–3:30 pm, Spark Space, Burlington Electric Department, Burlington, VT
  • Tuesday, May 15, 8:30 am-3:30 pm, Rutland Central Supervisory Office, Rutland, VT

In this six-hour workshop, teachers will get their hands on a variety of resources to help make learning about electricity, the environment, and climate change fun and engaging for students in grades 6–12.

This training will also support teachers’ understanding of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and how to make students’ thinking […]

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TEACHER STORY: Aria Brissette: Customizing kits & curricula for hands-on learning

Aria Brissette, who taught seventh and eighth grade science at Rutland Middle School last year and is now at Barstow Memorial School in Chittenden, VT, says that VEEP’s curriculum support kits have been “a great resource” for her teaching.

Brissette started her first year of teaching by participating in VEEP’s Teacher Learning Team (a two-month professional development program for teachers) last year. “We got to just be students ourselves,” she says. “It gave me that push to go off and redo our energy unit to my liking, and make it more aligned to the current science standards.”

Working with VEEP also gave Brissette the skills to pick and choose from the many pieces of equipment that come in a VEEP kit. She used parts of a Wind FUNdamentals kit (designed for grades K-3) with her middle-school students, for example, as well as tackling VEEP’s middle-school classic: building solar collectors with the Solar Challenge kit.

“Hands-on learning experiences go a lot further,” she says, in reaching students whose […]

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TEACHER STORY: Krista Battles: Taking action with VEEP staff support

Krista Battles, who teaches seventh grade life science at Barre Town Middle Elementary School in Barre, VT, was able to guide her students in making real change in the school’s energy use last year as part of VEEP’s Green School Energy Challenge program.

Battles’ students chose to focus on lighting. Erin Malloy, long-time VEEP educator, and Andy Shapiro, VEEP’s director of engineering, offered support to Battles and her students at several points in their project to replace fluorescent fixtures in the school hallways with LEDs.

Seventh-grade students at Barre Town Middle Elementary School with one of the new LED lights that will replace energy-hogging fluorescents in the school.

Malloy laid the groundwork with an in-class Electricity & the Environment workshop. Then students borrowed VEEP’s light meter kit to help collect data on existing light bulbs. Shapiro helped students brainstorm solutions and work through technical questions.

“Erin and Andy both had a super broad base of knowledge,” […]

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Year-end VEEP donation drawing: Win a night for 2 at Lake Morey!

For every $25 you donate to VEEP between now and December 31, 2017, you’ll be entered to win a room for two at Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, VT! Check out Lake Morey Resort’s website for details on accomodations and amenities. VEEP often holds trainings and conferences at this venue, and the waterfront location can’t be beat — we love lunch on the deck overlooking the lake, or going for a quick paddle before dinner.

The more you give, the better the odds: A $75 donation gets you three chances to win, $100 gets you four chances, etc.

Donate Now!

A quick peek at the resort:





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Meet Brian Betournay, NH Program Manager

Meet Brian Betournay, VEEP’s newest staff person! He is helping us expand and solidify our offerings in the Granite State in his role as program manager for the New Hampshire Energy Education Project.

Brian has taught middle and high school for more than 10 years, most recently in the seacoast region of NH. He has a BA from the University of New Hampshire in earth science teaching and geography, and a M.Ed. in educating for sustainability from Antioch University New England.

“I get excited about the process of collaboration, especially when I can see that it’s leading to meaningful learning opportunities for students,” Brian says. “I look forward to talking to NH teachers about what they’re already doing and how I can support those efforts.”

When not working, Brian can be found getting a nature/adventure fix with his wife and two young children.

Be in touch: brian@veep.org.

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Data, Analysis, Action! VT Students Make a Difference with the Green School Energy Challenge

Barre Town seventh graders show off one of the 68 new efficient LED lighting fixtures they got to replace over 100 older fixtures. Photo courtesy Krista Battles.

We recently had the opportunity to write about our Green School Energy Challenge program for the Green Schools National Network. Here’s a teaser; click the link below to read the full article and learn about the great work being done by students around the state!

* * *

Students across Vermont are not just learning about the global effects of climate change. They are taking that learning to the next step: action on the local level.

These students are leading school projects to install new energy-efficient lighting, weigh and track school waste, measure insulation, educate parents about the negative effects of idling, and create community public service announcements on saving energy. One school reduced its electricity bill by a remarkable 21% through conservation measures alone.

These students — along with their climate-conscious teachers — are participating in the Green School Energy […]

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Summer Institute scholarships for northern VT & NH teachers

VEEP is offering substantial scholarships for our Summer Institute to teachers in both Essex County, VT, and Coos County, NH, and nearby towns. For teachers in these rural northern areas, the course fee and credit fee will be half-price, and lodging in a shared room is free for the week, thanks to funding from the Tillotson Foundation.

Click here for a PDF with details on scholarships and a registration form. You can also contact Cara at info@veep.org for more info.

* * *

VEEP’s Summer Institute is a five-day summer program is created to give teachers of grades K–12 the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Next Generation Science Standards, energy, and climate through hands-on exploration, discussions with experts, field trips, and collaboration time for unit creation. Using the three-dimensional learning of NGSS as the pedagogical foundation, you will explore the science content and method of topics such as renewable technologies, climate change, sustainability, and energy project-based learning. You will develop additional strategies and learning opportunities to engage […]

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Tips for collaboration between schools & community partners

Both schools and community groups can benefit from collaborations that are strong and authentic. Service learning opportunities that allow students to get involved in their community working on real problems can enrich education. However, the help that is offered to schools or asked of teachers must match students’ needs.

Get the handout

VEEP has developed a new two-page overview for community partners — energy committees, businesses, community organizations, or other groups — of suggestions for working with schools. Click here to download the Collaborating with Schools handout.

Be included in the VEEP database

VEEP is also compiling a list of schools and list of partners who are interested in collaborating. We will connect folks who have similar interests and needs. To add your information to this list, fill out this short form.

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