Tips for collaboration between schools & community partners

Both schools and community groups can benefit from collaborations that are strong and authentic. Service learning opportunities that allow students to get involved in their community working on real problems can enrich education. However, the help that is offered to schools or asked of teachers must match students’ needs.

Get the handout

VEEP has developed a new two-page overview for community partners — energy committees, businesses, community organizations, or other groups — of suggestions for working with schools. Click here to download the Collaborating with Schools handout.

Be included in the VEEP database

VEEP is also compiling a list of schools and list of partners who are interested in collaborating. We will connect folks who have similar interests and needs. To add your information to this list, fill out this short form.

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VEEP to expand programming to New Hampshire

The Vermont Energy Education Program (VEEP) will be bringing its hands-on programming across the Connecticut River to New Hampshire teachers and schools in the coming school year.

“New Hampshire doesn’t have an organization doing energy education programming in schools, discount ” says Cara Robechek, vialis 40mg VEEP’s executive director. “We saw this as an opportunity to help teachers bring this education into their classes.”

VEEP recently received a grant from the Putnam Foundation to make that opportunity a reality. This first year of funding will kickstart what VEEP hopes will be an ongoing relationship with its neighboring state. VEEP is actively seeking additional funding to increase this year’s offerings and continue to serve New Hampshire schools in future years.

“We hope to be able to expand our services in New Hampshire during the coming year, malady ” says Robechek, “and we’d love if our energy advocates in New Hampshire would let teachers know about our programming.”

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We Won a Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence!

Executive Director Cara Robechek, <a href=physician right, adiposity with Deb Markowitz, cialis secretary of the Agency of Natural Resources.” width=”300″ height=”226″ /> Executive Director Cara Robechek, right, with Deb Markowitz, secretary of the Agency of Natural Resources.

VEEP was presented with a Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence last Thursday, April 28, at the State House in Montpelier. The award recognizes VEEP’s contribution to energy literacy in Vermont schools and communities, which has expanded dramatically in the last three years.

“It is great to have this recognition that the work we are doing around the state is making a difference in the communities we reach,” says Cara Robechek, VEEP’s executive director. “We are now working with about a third of the schools in Vermont, and hope to be able to work with even more schools in the coming year.”

VEEP brings hands-on, interactive workshops directly into classrooms, making energy a core part of science curricula […]

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Killington Elementary Green Team- Recycling Project

Our Green Team showed the school a Power Point on the importance of recycling paper, ask and of reducing paper use in general.  They are collecting recycled papers and making notebooks for each student.

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Stockbridge Central School TRY for the Environment Waste Solutions

Hi, we are the Stockbridge Central School TRY for the environment waste solutions team! For the past three months we have been teaching the first and second grade class about where to put compost, trash,recycling. In our third lesson we taught the kids about nonrenewable and renewable resources. A renewable resource is one that can not completely used up, like wind or water. A non-renewable resource is oil or coal.

Our lesson started off with a journey of a plastic water bottle, where he started of as crude oil. He became a water bottle and eventually became an astronaut’s sweater.

After we finished reading the story, they made mobiles! The mobiles showed how everyday items are made with lots of resources. In lesson three they made zero waste toothpaste.

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Teens Reaching Youth: A 4-H and VEEP Collaboration

VEEP and UVM Extension’s 4-H program collaborated this winter on an exciting new program.  VEEP developed new Wind and Solar Fun(damentals) curriculum for K-3.  In collaboration with 4-H teams of teens were chosen and trained to deliver this curriculum to kindergartners through third graders around the state.  UVM Extension’s Across the Fence captured some of the magic in this video about the project.

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Sign Up Now for Summer Teacher Institutes from VEEP

Seeking to energize your curriculum with engineering design and the Next Generation Science Standards? Join us for our 2014 Summer Institutes!

solarPV’s Clean and Green
July 28 – 30, thumb 2014 (9AM – 4 PM), story Rutland, VT // Grade levels: 4-12. Kits available for free loan or purchase
At this complete training you will learn to help your students understand the power of the sun to generate electricity, using photovoltaic (PV) panels and a light that fit on your classroom table. Students will manipulate a magnet and a coil of wire to generate electricity; explore hand-held generators; investigate how to generate electricity without coils or magnets. Your students will alter the angle of the PV relative to the light source, the intensity of the light on the PV panel and other variables to explore the effect on power output, and can design circuits to power devices such as motors and lights, exploring energy transfer and transformation. Upper grade levels will calculate watts […]

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New Deputy Director: Cara Robechek

Cara comes to VEEP with a breadth of experience in both non-profit management and education.   She has spent the past 8 years teaching courses such as Environmental Communication, illness Environmental Economics, pills Current Environmental Issues, and Children Health and Environment for t

he Community College of Vermont, Johnson State College and the University of Vermont.  Before that she worked in non-profit development and management at the Center for Whole Communities in Waitsfield, VT, where she was the first staff member from 2004-6.  She has also served as a board member for the Montpelier based non-profit Planting Hope and as an elected Parks Commissioner for the City of Montpelier.

Cara has a BA in Environmental Studies from Dartmouth College, and an MS in Renewable Natural Resources and Development from the University of East Anglia.  She lives in Montpelier with her husband and two children, and enjoys growing her own food, reading, hiking, running, and cross country skiing.

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VEEP Partners with UVM Extension to TRY for the Environment!

VEEP is pleased to announce a new partnership with the 4-H Teen & Leadership program of the University of Vermont Extension Service to offer a new program for students in grades 8 thru 12 to learn and teach about the environment. TRY stands for Teens Reaching Youth.

TRY teams will consist of a group of 2-4 teens and an adult mentor who are trained to teach fun, buy hands-on renewable energy activities to youth in grades K-3. TRY team members will be instructed on how to teach, remedy work with younger students, run the program and more! The program is funded by State Farm, and will be supported by VEEP energy educators and UVM Extension staff.

By learning about renewable energy and teaching lessons to younger kids, you will have a direct impact on raising awareness and knowledge about energy issues Vermonters are facing today and in the future! Students who are looking for ways to blend community service with their environmental interests, build their academic resumes, […]

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VEEP Welcomes New Educator to the Team

Lisa Holderness joined VEEP in May 2013 as our new Energy Educator for Southern Vermont (Windsor, pharm Windham and Bennington counties). Lisa brings 27 years’ experience teaching challenging, treatment hands-on science methods in the classroom and community settings. She earned an MS in Environmental Science at Antioch University New England.


Lisa started her teaching career leading “Fun in the Sun” solar energy lessons on Cape Cod in 1985. She moved to Vermont in 1994 to lead the environmental program for the Putney School, and has since taught at several public and independent schools. She is also co-owner of Deer Ridge Farm in Guilford, VT. In 2007 she completed a research grant, testing the use of sugarhouse effluent to heat their seedling greenhouse. In 2012, she left full-time teaching to implement that plan on her farm.

Prior to joining the VEEP team, when working as a science teacher, Lisa invited VEEP to present to her classes. Now, the table is turned! Lisa’s passion […]

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