Salisbury GSEC Green Team Update

This week, our team collected light data from our classroom and halls using the light meters borrowed from Cornwall School. Our goal is to determine if we can remove one bulb from our light fixture in the classroom and remove entire bulbs from our hallway lights and only light half of the hall lights to reduce the amount of energy we use.
Our test was conducted on a cloudy/rainy day, which we figured was good so that the numbers we got were probably the lowest we would get. We took light readings from four points in the classroom: a front table, back table, middle of the room (called Morning Meeting Spot) and carpet, which is by our reading corner. We collected data with no lights on, one switch, and two switches (fully on).  In the hall we took measurements near the door (there are windows there), under the light fixture and between the light fixtures.
No lights: MM-6 fc—66 lux
Carpet: 60 fc—660 lux
Front Table: 15 fc—165 lux
Back Table: 4 fc—44 lux
1 light: MM-68 lux—6.1 fc
Carpet: 404 lux—36 fc
Front Table: 30 lux—2.7 fc
Back Table: 511 lux—45 fc
2 lights: MM 276 lux—25 fc 
Carpet: 494 lux—44 fc
Front Table: 250 lux—23 fc
Back Table: 520 lux—47 fc
260 lux near door—23 fc
500 lux under light fixture—45 fc
300 lux between light fixtures—27 fc
4 lux no lights on—0.36 fc
According to our playbook, our classroom is not over lit, but we have some questions. It doesn’t make sense to us that the readings for the front table and the MM spot are so low. We would like to retest that.  The hallway is clearly over lit.
Next Steps
We will send a recommendation to our principal that we should try removing some of the lights in the hall, and then we will borrow the light meter again and see what what our numbers are. We would also like to retest the classroom again and see if our results are the same a second time.