Are you considering taking on a climate-oriented project in your school, but funding is a barrier to making it happen? Thanks to funding by the U.S. EPA, VEEP has a small grant program to help bring these good ideas to life in your school, and the application process is open! We welcome proposals for grants of $100–$1,000 for projects that address climate change and improve environmental literacy among students in Vermont schools. 

Download an application: Click here to download the application as a Word document.

When: Proposals are due to VEEP by November 15, 2016. Grants will be awarded by December 1, 2016.

Who: These grants are available to school districts. The application must officially come from the school district to comply with the terms of VEEP’s EPA grant.

Types of projects that might be considered

  • Bringing additional content expertise into schools.
  • Purchasing materials to be used to enhance critical thinking, problem solving, and action in school curriculum such as energy monitoring hardware and software, digital probes, monitoring software for renewable energy installations etc.
  • Educational experiences to improve students’ knowledge, critical thinking, and decision making, such as bus trips and admission to museums or conferences.
  • Support for action and stewardship priorities as identified by teachers and students including conservation (behavioral changes such as light switch labeling) or efficiency items (such as lighting sensors, etc. )

Past mini-grant projects have included a school greenhouse, microscopes and thermometers for analyzing compost, solar car kits, onsite vermicomposting, crossing guard equipment and transportation analysis, and wind engineering materials. Check out some of last year’s projects, below.

Reporting requirements

Grantees will report to VEEP on their completed projects and use of the grants by May 31, 2017. The reports do not need to be more than one page and will be based on the same questions asked in the proposal, including information on activities accomplished, materials purchased and utilized including specific expenses, and the number of students and/or community members reached. Reports will also include at least two photographs, with permission for VEEP to post photos on our website and use for other publicity. The application includes a rubric for evaluating the project.


Again, here’s that link to the application as Word document if you’re ready to apply. Questions? E-mail or call 802-552-VNRG.

VEEP is grateful to the funding of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for this grant program, as part of VEEP’s Environmental Education grant. The program and its results may not necessarily reflect the views of the Agency and no official endorsement should be inferred.