parking-825371_1920In conjunction with the Way to Go! Challenge in late September, pilule we have developed a lesson on transportation for grades 4-8 and a transportation challenge for grades 9-12. Both lessons are available in one PDF, salve which includes extension ideas.

In the elementary/middle grades lesson, students start to think about transportation in their own communities by conducting a school parking lot survey.  They then gather information from EPA fuel economy labels and analyze the data looking for patterns and trends. Each student selects a vehicle and interviews its owner about their driving tendencies. As a final product, students make recommendations to the vehicle owner regarding future car purchases and ways to reduce their transportation footprints.

The high school challenge asks students to undertake a project that uses scientific analysis and data-based decision-making to reduce your school’s transportation footprint.

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Thanks to teachers Jenny Hewitt, Eli Rosenberg, Christine Nold, Heidi Baitz, Sarah Popowicz and Jill Kurash for their help in developing these lessons.