New Hampshire Energy Education Project

Energy & Science Programming for New Hampshire Schools

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VEEP supports NH schools through teacher professional development, in-class workshops for students, and curriculum resource kits.

We offer our standards-aligned teacher trainings, in-class student workshops, and kits packed with real, hands-on equipment throughout the state.

Thanks to NHSaves, much of this programming is FREE for teachers. See below!

NHSaves FREE Hands-On Student Workshops

NHSaves is offering free NHEEP Energy Teaching Partner workshops to most schools* in New Hampshire. A NHEEP educator will work with each teacher to embed a workshop aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) into their energy curriculum through the co-teaching of energy workshops and by providing follow-up support. Before the workshop, teachers connect by phone or email with a NHEEP educator to tweak lesson plans and worksheets to suit their students. Then the educator will arrive with all materials and equipment to collaboratively run the workshop. Educators can also help with additional equipment needs and suggestions for other lessons and curriculum ideas for a class’s unit of study. Grade range: K–12 teachers. Time commitment: 30 minutes collaborative prep, 90-120 minutes in class.
* Towns excluded are Ashland, Littleton, New Hampton, Wolfeboro and Woodsville, since they are not in NHSaves territory. 

FREE workshops offered include:

Conservation Kids: Grades K-3. Students gain an understanding of what energy is and how it powers our daily lives, then explore hands-on stations that demonstrate conservation. They’ll leave the workshop with simple strategies to save energy at home and school.

Electricity & the Environment: Grades 4-10. Students learn about electricity and how it powers our world, then explore hands-on station that let them learn more about electrical generation and efficiency.

Home Heat Transfer: Grades 6-12. Students explore how they can use less energy to heat their home while still keeping it at a comfortable temperature. This workshop demonstrates the concepts of thermal energy transfer and familiarizes students with different insulation materials and their roles in heat transfer and slowing heat loss.

Green Energy Careers: Efficiency: Grades 10-12. Students investigate home electricity use and create connections between electrical usage, electrical generation and carbon dioxide emissions. They’ll do a hands-on analysis of the benefits available from efficiency improvements and how those can relate to job skills and career opportunities.

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NHSaves FREE Teacher Professional Learning Workshops

NHSaves offers NHEEP’s NGSS Instructional Toolkit Workshops to teachers in most* NH schools. These full-day teacher PD workshops will help teachers bring energy efficiency and hands-on energy learning into their classroom. The workshops feature guided discovery, hands-on inquiry explorations, and deep dives into disciplinary science core ideas and best teaching practices to support the Next Generation Science Standards. Teachers will leave knowing how to use NGSS aligned materials and curricula, including NHEEP curriculum support kits, to support their specific grade-level needs. Grade range: K–12 teachers. Time commitment: 1 day. Click here to register.
* Towns excluded are Ashland, Littleton, New Hampton, Wolfeboro and Woodsville, since they are not in NHSaves territory.

Thursday, August 8: Gorham, NH
Friday, August 9: Concord, NH

We can also schedule a training for your school or SAU for a specific date that works for you. Please be in touch:


NHEEP lends kits of high-quality science equipment, chock-full of everything teachers need to support energy education though hands-on engineering challenges. Most kits are available to loan for 2–6 weeks. For complete details or to request a kit, visit

Coming soon: More ways to engage your students & school community with NHSaves

Energy Writing Contest

Elevate student voice and give students an authentic audience for their work through the NHSaves K-12 student writing contest on energy conservation and efficiency. Writing prompts and rubrics are aligned with Common Core and NGSS standards. Winning entries will be selected monthly and published through various media outlets, and prizes will be sent to the student authors. Program will be available starting fall 2019. Contact NHEEP at for all the details.

School LED Fundraiser

Raise money for your school while helping students and their families save money at home by using more energy-efficient products. NHSaves’ LED fundraiser starts with a school-wide assembly by a NHEEP educator on energy efficiency; then, students sell energy-efficient products to raise money for the school. Program will be available starting fall 2019. Contact NHEEP at for all the details.

Additional programming not covered by NHSaves funding
(i.e. NHEEP can bring you these programs as fee for service)

Additional NHEEP workshops

Grade range: K–12 teachers. Cost: $175 per session, or $325 for multiple classes in one day.Click here to sign up for a workshop.

Sun FUNdamentals: Light & Shadows: Grades K-3. Students explore how different materials interact with light, then design a “tree” structure to create maximum shade.

Magnetism: Grade 3. Students explore magnets, understanding magnetic force through hands-on experiments with magnets, paperclips, and other metals. This workshop lays the foundation for learning about electricity in later grades.

Renewables by Design: Grades 5-10. Students develop their understanding of renewable and non-renewable sources of energy through hands-on wind, solar, and hydro stations. They’ll be challenged to think like engineers to produce the greatest amount of electricity and the greatest positive effect on the environment.

Modeling Climate Science: Grades 5-10. Students test and compare bottle models of two “Earths” — one without CO2 and one with added CO2 — to collect evidence and formulate a claim about the relationship between greenhouse gases and temperature.

Green Energy Careers: Renewables: Grades 10-12. Students manipulate photovoltaics and wind generators to figure out optimal design and installation for power generation in this hands-on overview of the tools, concepts and pathways that lead to careers in renewable energy generation and energy efficiency.

Additional Teacher Professional Development

Summer Institute 2019: Ambitious Instruction for Energy and Climate ActionSpend a week at beautiful Lake Morey and dive deeply into climate and energy systems through investigations, project-based learning, academically productive discussion, and action. This institute will help you add student-centered projects to your teaching toolkit as you develop your curriculum and instructional practices. Grow strategies that build student agency, grounded in Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core math and literacy, and 21st-century skills. You’ll leave with everything you need to guide students to make a difference in their school and community. Grade range: K–12 teachers. Dates: August 12–16, 2019. Location: Lake Morey Resort, Fairlee, VT. Cost: $1,400–$2,350, depending on graduate credits and lodging choice. Click here to register.