“The VEEP presenter did a great job! This was the first time someone was able to show me how the NGSS fit together and explained the standards in a more meaningful way.”
participant in a one-day teacher training


“Thank you SO much. I found this workshop so helpful, and came away with many concrete ideas that I will actually start using tomorrow.”
participant in a one-day teacher training
“Just wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful workshop. I learned more from you folks than from any other workshop I have taken. The hands-on activities, methods tips, patience and answering of every question was priceless. I can’t wait for the next workshops and to get you in my classroom…Thanks a million.”
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One-Day Trainings & Workshops

Button Up: Thermal Energy

Thursday, November 29  |  St. Albans Town
Monday, December 10  |  Rutland
Tuesday, January 8  |  Springfield

Who: Teachers of grades 6-9
Cost: $175/person for the day. Includes 6 hours of PD and a free kit rental.
Facilitators: VEEP educators Mariah Keagy, Laura MacLachlan, Deanna Bailey, and Julian Leon
Time & locations: All trainings 8:30 am-3:30 pm, with one-hour break for lunch.

In this six-hour workshop, teachers will get their hands on a variety of resources to engage middle school students in exploring and understanding thermal energy and energy transfer through home weatherization engineering challenges.

Teachers will engage with practices that support engineering: asking questions, developing and using models, analyzing and interpreting data, using mathematics, constructing explanations and designing solutions, engaging in argument, and carrying out investigations. Participants will get hands-on engineering tools and strategies, develop cross-curricular connections with NGSS, and explore ways to introduce students to the real-world applications of thermal energy.

We will provide training on how to use all the VEEP gear that teachers can borrow to support thermal energy explorations in their middle school classroom. Each teacher will receive a free kit rental!

Click here to download a PDF flyer for the training days, to distribute or print.

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NGSS trainings

VEEP can provide tailored in-service sessions for your school or supervisory union around NGSS-related topics such as:

  • Three-Dimensional Learning of NGSS
  • Developing Anchoring Events & Storylines
  • Science Formative Assessments
  • Progressions of Core Ideas in NGSS
  • Constructing Explanations in Science
  • NGSS Science/Engineering Practices
  • Science Proficiency Scales Development

We can also design a custom NGSS workshop to meet your needs.

VEEP curriculum trainings

If you’re interested in bringing any of VEEP’s curricula to your students, take a training, where teachers get to practice the hands-on units themselves. We offer custom trainings on any of our curricula or related topics, held onsite at your school with any number of teachers. We will find a mutually agreeable date and time to bring the training to your school, and will promote the training to other teachers in the region.

For more info, call 802-552-VNRG (8674) or e-mail info@veep.org.[/fusion_text]