VEEP is offering Whole School Energy Challenge teams the opportunity to apply for small grants to complete WSEC projects in their schools. Here are the options.

Grant Option 1: Green Team Grants

Criteria: Grant requests of $250–$1, adiposity 000 will be considered for projects that will increase energy education learning in WSEC schools, reduce energy use in WSEC schools, or otherwise further the goals of the WSEC green team. The grants can be spent on field trips, assemblies, materials, etc.

Teams should apply by writing a brief, one- to two-page grant request that describes:

  • Teacher who will oversee the project including contact details (e-mail and/or phone number)
  • What the grant will be used for
  • How the grant will help provide energy education, reduce energy use, or otherwise lead towards one of the goals of the school’s green team
  • An itemized budget of how the money will be spent

Financial and reporting requirements:

  • All money must be spent and receipts turned in to VEEP by the end of December 2014.
  • A brief write-up of activities must be shared with VEEP for inclusion in the school’s WSEC report by the end of January. Should activities continue past January, a second write-up should be submitted for future WSEC reports later in the spring.
  • Grant recipients (teacher/students) shall share their project — either pre- or post-project — with the school community or public at large
  • Grant requests will be considered on a rolling basis. VEEP may contact the teacher overseeing the project with questions before accepting grant requests.

Grant Option 2: T-shirt Competition

WSEC schools can apply to have VEEP print 10–20 WSEC t-shirts of the school’s design. The t-shirts are to be designed by students at the WSEC school in a collaborative or competitive process of the school’s choosing during the winter of 2014 (to be complete by March 2014). VEEP reserves the right to choose the t-shirt printer, and to include a small, discrete WSEC or VEEP logo on the shirts, particularly if one of these acronyms is not incorporated into your chosen design. The school team will be able to purchase additional shirts if they would like to after the design has been finalized.

Schools should apply by answering the following questions:

  • Which teacher will oversee the project (including contact details)?
  • Describe the t-shirt design process.
  • Who will receive the t-shirts and how many are requested?

T-shirt requests are due by December 15, 2014. Schools will be informed of whether they received the t-shirt grant by December 23, 2014. Designs will be due by February 28, 2015, with t-shirts to be printed in March 2015.

Send all grant requests to Schools may apply for both options.