Executive Director Job Description

The VEEP/NHEEP Executive Director is responsible for planning, budgeting, fundraising, administration, oversight of educational programs, management of staff, and public relations.  

Organization Background 

VEEP/NHEEP’s mission is to build a deep understanding of energy through education, encouraging choices that result in sustainability in our communities, economy and environment.

Our programs serve K–12 students, their teachers, and their school communities throughout Vermont and New Hampshire. We guide students in developing a deep understanding of energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy technologies, and climate change. We also provide ways for students to take action on the issues they are learning about so that they can make a difference.

We take a hands-on, minds-on approach to education. Our programming puts scientific materials and engineering equipment in students’ hands so that they can make predictions, test their assumptions, and make claims from evidence. Our approach is consistent with the kind of education John Dewey had in mind when he wrote, “We learn by doing, but only if we reflect on what we have done.”

Job Responsibilities

The Executive Director will:

  • Continue to develop a diverse funding base, by identifying opportunities and developing grant proposals and other funding resources, tracking and reporting on grants, and by creating and managing relationships with existing and new funders. 
  • Be the public face of VEEP/NHEEP in state-wide education, energy and sustainability arenas by overseeing public relations and promoting VEEP/NHEEP through various means, including media, conferences, and gatherings of educators, principals, and curriculum coordinators. 
  • Stay informed of best practices in energy education; maintain relationships with other energy and education organizations. 
  • Supervise and evaluate a team of talented, well-educated, mostly part-time staff, who work from home offices to cover a two state region. This includes hiring and firing, goal-setting, performance assessment and feedback.
  • Prepare an annual plan and budget and track progress against them.
  • Participate in regular staff and partner meetings around Vermont and New Hampshire.
  • Perform or oversee all necessary administrative tasks, including running staff meetings, writing reports, developing performance data, and financial management including tracking and managing expenses, invoicing, payments, and payroll.
  • Report directly to VEEP/NHEEP board of directors.

Job Requirements

This position requires excellent demonstrated experience and skills in the following: 

  • Fundraising – seeking opportunities and developing relationships with potential funding sources; writing compelling, successful grant proposals. 
  • Leadership – communicating an inspired, compelling vision of a mission-driven organization; orchestrating multiple activities at once to accomplish a goal; maneuvering through complex political situations effectively & professionally, making good decisions based upon a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience and judgment; comfortable with risk, uncertainty & change.
  • Education - Deep knowledge of the educational landscape in Vermont and/or New Hampshire desired.  Must have strong working knowledge of educational best practices in STEM and/or PBL.  
  • Strategic Planning & Budgeting – thinking ahead about how to sustain and grow VEEP and NHEEP; demonstrates initiative and persistence to accomplish goals; developing budgets, schedules & assignments; adjusts for problems & roadblocks; measuring performance against goals & evaluates results.
  • Team-Building & Staff Management – creating and leading effective teams; developing and supervising staff with flexibility and respect for each individual’s talents and experience.
  • Program Administration-- develop budgets; able to adjust for problems & roadblocks; measure performance against goals.
  • Communication - effective presenter in a wide variety of presentation settings; able to write clearly & succinctly for a variety of settings and in a variety of styles. 
  • Collaboration – working creatively with staff and with affinity organizations, practitioners and policy-makers to enhance VEEP/NHEEP's effectiveness and visibility. 
  • Computer Skills – proficient with google drive and google office tools including use of spreadsheets for planning, budgeting, payroll tracking and financial records.

VEEP/NHEEP ’s office is based in Montpelier, Vermont. During COVID work can be conducted remotely. Post-COVID the Executive Director should plan to work from the Montpelier office at least 2 days per week.  


VEEP/NHEEP offers the opportunity to be part of a dynamic, purpose-driven, adaptive, appreciative team. Salary of $65-75,000, 30 days Combined Time Off, short and long-term disability insurance, and a SIMPLE IRA retirement plan.  (VEEP does not currently offer health insurance.)

To apply send a cover letter and resume to EDsearch@veep.org. 
Applications encouraged as soon as possible, accepted until January 3, 2021. Position open until filled.