Youth Energy Fair

For youth in grades 4-9

Meet and consult with a variety of energy professionals at VEEP/NHEEP’s annual virtual Youth Energy Fair starting October 15th.

This event is open for Middle and High School learners interested in discovering more about what different energy professionals do for their work. It is also an opportunity to consult with them about an energy project you would like to embark on in your school or community. 

Once registered you will receive a link to the Flipgrid video introductions to our energy consultants (who range from a variety of specialities such as solar and other renewable energy to building design and weatherization, efficiency and more.) In the introductions our energy consultants take 3-5 minutes to share who they are, what their work entails, and an idea or two about a school or community-based project idea related to the work that they do.

After viewing the videos, you will have the chance to choose a person (or two) who you would like to consult with about both an aspect of your professional work, as well as any ideas you might have about an energy project. We then work with participants to set up and facilitate the consultation at a time that works for your school schedule. 

This event is rolling admissions, with introductory videos available beginning October 15th. Just be sure to be in touch about a good time for a consultation to learn more and potentially get an energy project started in your school or community!

Contact Mariah Keagy at to learn more. 

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