Choices & Impacts Game

Grade Level

  • 6-8
  • 9-12


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This stock and flow game builds upon the awareness of threats from climate change-related problems, carbon footprints, and climate refugees while emphasizing the cause and effect of personal actions, the potential effect of one’s individual energy use on others, and the collective impact of energy use decisions.  You can customize the event to whatever climate problem you and your students find most relevant to your lives or your communities.  Below are some possible options you might consider.

Sea Level Rise: Game board represents elevation.  Negatives are countries that are below sea level or have gone underwater due to rising sea levels.
Drought: Game board represents precipitation.  Negatives are countries in drought, who may also have problems with things like wildfires and food scarcity.
Extreme weather events: Game board represents weather patterns. Negatives are countries with unstable weather, including frequent extreme events like tornadoes/hurricanes, flooding, extreme heat.
Food Insecurity: Game board represents availability of food.  Negatives are countries who are experiencing food scarcity due to drought, increased pest problems, lack of farmable land, ocean acidification, etc.
The cards by themselves can also be used for a "carbon budget" game or simply as discussion starters. 

What's in the Kit? 

  • World map (6), or you can project this image
  • Location cards (18)
  • Game board (6)
  • House icons (6)
  • Refugee icons (6)
  • Action cards (6 sets of 160 ea)
  • 6 dice

Kit cost: $20


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