Renewables by Design

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one of our traditional workshop kits available for teachers to borrow.

Your VEEP/NHEEP educator will supply you with a lesson plan and personalized support as you use this equipment.

Grade 5: How can engineers design renewable electricity technology to maximize electricity? Students are challenged to think like engineers tasked with reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. These lessons help students develop their understanding of renewable and non-renewable sources of energy and to adapt renewable energy design parameters to produce the greatest amount of electricity and positively affect the environment. Through a series of hands-on wind, solar, and hydro stations, students test variables, collect and analyze data, and start to construct explanations and solutions from the evidence.

Grades 6-8: What should engineers consider when designing renewable energy technology to optimize electric output? Students will Identify and cite examples of renewable and non-renewable electricity generation sources, and investigate and identify factors that impact the electric output for solar, wind, and hydroelectric projects. Through these hands-on explorations, students will propose engineering solutions for developing solar, wind, and hydroelectric projects and back their considerations with evidence.

What's in the kit?

Kit includes: hydro bucket, scoop, tubing, wooden generator, visual voltmeter or multimeter, alligator clips, station packets with wind blades and hubs, proctractors, safety glasses, rulers, station packets with solar panels, heat lamp. NOTE: If mailing smaller kit, no hydro bucket. 

Kit size: 2 large totes 

Time commitment: 2-5 class periods

Kit cost: $60 for full kit/$40 for small mailable kit

NGSS Standards: MS-ESS3-3. Design scientific principles for monitoring and minimizing a human impact on the environment.

NGSS Standards Addressed

MS-ESS3-3: Design scientific principles for monitoring and minimizing a human impact on the environment.



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