Summer Institute 2021

Local Connections to Energy and Climate


The 2021 VEEP/NHEEP *Virtual* Summer Institute explores local connections to energy and climate. Through a place-based lens, including close-to-home field trips and opportunities to generate community partnerships, participants will endeavor to engage educational practices that lead to more meaningful and authentic experiences for students, as well as greater sustainability in our communities, economy and environment.



Summer Institute dives into student-driven instructional practices. Teachers will experience this approach themselves, conducting observations and investigations, engaging in discussion, and designing evidenced-based solutions. Participants will be “figuring out” rather than “learning about,” and finding ways to personalize our collective learning goals.



Summer Institute is interdisciplinary. While STEM education might feel like a natural fit for the subject matter, our approach focuses on best practices and philosophies that extend well beyond science teaching. We engage in systems-thinking and highlight opportunities to work collaboratively across disciplines to bring deeper engagement and purpose to our learning.



Summer Institute is empowering. We will help you to develop strategies to build a culture of greater equity, student agency and action. We want to guide the amplification of your existing lessons in a way that you and your students feel prepared to apply learning and become informed change makers in the world. 



Summer Institute provides ongoing support and resources. Our work is not complete at the close of the program. We have lots of equipment to help your students investigate their questions through hands-on learning. We can provide curriculum and storylines that pair with that equipment, informational graphics, online resources, and even small grants for projects that address climate change and improve environmental literacy. And we have people to support your work, too. You can connect with VEEP/NHEEP educators for anything from in-class workshops, to consultation on an action project, to a technical question about climate or energy, to personalized professional development. Finally, you will share ideas and discover sustaining relationships among your cohort of ambitious educators.


Summer Institute is open to all educators. This year’s program will be virtual, with synchronous sessions each lasting no more than 3 hours. Also expect some asynchronous work, including planning, reading and research, personal field trips, and optional office hours with a VEEP/NHEEP educator.

Dates and times

  • Monday and Tuesday, August 9th and 10th, 8:30-11:30 am
  • Thursday, August 12th

Credit and cost

  • PD hours - $270
  • PD hours + 1 Graduate credit - $400

Pre-course materials

Phenomenal Pre-course Activities

Participants will receive a "goody bag" of fun and thought-provoking investigations and activities to be completed prior to the start of the course. 

Registration deadline is July 26. Scholarship funds are available if cost is a barrier; please be in touch if you would like more info on scholarships: