Energy Action Heroes

The challenge

How will we, as Next Generation educators and learners, reduce greenhouse gas emissions through sustainable, just, and equitable solutions in our local communities?

This series is a professional learning experience for educators hoping to suit up and take action on energy or climate issues in 2023! You will receive equipment to participate in hands-on experiments and inquiry-based learning. All of our work will be aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and integrate principles of equity and inclusion in teaching and learning.

The agenda

5 Virtual Workshops, 90 minutes each. Each workshop can be stand-alone, but each will incorporate concepts from the others to build a comprehensive progression and program. PD hours are available; 1.5 PD hours per workshop or 7.5 PD hours for the whole series

Energy action hero workshops:

Check back in the 2023/24 school year!

our learning objectives are:

Develop Local Connections to Energy and Climate
  • Preliminary unit planning connecting to climate and energy, moving toward action
  • Finding local phenomena with global implications
  • Able to identify local climate issues and draw relevance to student lives
  • Deeper understanding of energy and climate science related to participant experiences and locations
  • Identify potential community partnerships
Experience Inquiry-Based and NGSS-aligned Instructional Best Practices
  • Student-driven teaching/learning and systems thinking has been modeled and practiced
  • Experience what NGSS-style pedagogy looks and feels like as a learner
Recognize Systems and Interdisciplinary Connections
  • Understanding an interdisciplinary approach as a critical piece to making connections and making sense of the world
  • Participants begin to automatically and habitually think about how multiple disciplines/subjects can engage with a topic/unit
  • Participants are able to map and recognize related systems and externalities
Empower Changemakers, Inspire and Support Sustainable, Just and Equitable Action
  • Participants equipped with tools/best practices to drive toward action and student agency
  • Climate and energy work is seen in the larger frame of sustainability (of people and planet) and a just and equitable transition
Access Ongoing Support and Resources
  • VEEP/NHEEP programs and resources are accessible and highlighted throughout instruction
  • Camaraderie, cooperation, and collaboration develops between participants


$25 per workshop session or $100 for all five. *Do not let cost be prohibitive. We ask that you pay what you can to support our work.