Smart Technology & Climate Change

Grade Level

  • 9-12


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one of our traditional workshop kits available for teachers to borrow.

Your VEEP/NHEEP educator will supply you with a lesson plan and personalized support as you use this equipment.

High school students explore electricity use and smart meters to answer this question: How can new technologies in electrical metering reduce electrical usage and subsequently reduce CO2 emissions? Students measure power and calculate electrical energy usage of a variety of small appliances and create connections between electrical usage, electrical generation and related carbon dioxide emissions. Students are then introduced to new technology in electrical metering and are given the opportunity to examine the applications and implications of this new technology.

What's in the kit? Kill-a-watt meter, appliances, balloons. 

Kit cost: $50 

NGSS Standards Addressed

HS-LS2-7: Design, evaluate and refine a solution for reducing the impacts of human activities on the environment and biodiversity. 



  • Climate Change